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Friday, February 17, 2012

Ladies and Gentlemen Start Your Engines....

The Nascar 2012 season is starting this Saturday night the 18th of Feb, 8pm est. with the Budweiser Shootout from the Daytona International Speedway.

Our first chat of the season kicks off 30 mins before the green flag at http://www.LiveNascarChat.com/go/15797

Stats dont lie
Harvick has made seven previous starts in the Budweiser Shootout at Daytona. He raced his No. 29 Chevrolet to Victory Lane twice the last 3 years for the Budweiser Shootout (2009 and 2010), but how can he compare with Tony Stewart's 6 wins at Daytona

Which Fan Wall are you going to put your avatars reputation on this weekend;

Did you know you can get an email alert when a buddy of yours logs in to chat on any of the 14 http://www.livefanchat.com/http://www.LiveFanChat.com/sites sites?

Simply click any username and then "Add to Buddy List" - try it here http://www.livenascarchat.com/dean.collins

Next time i log in to chat you'll get an email alert about what site and what chatroom i've joined and you can swing by and say hi.
(Dont forget you earn points for each person you add to your buddy list).

King of the Site
Its a new year and a new season so King of the Site is up for grabs...however currently that title is held by http://www.LiveNascarChat.com/frstedwardsfan
Do you think you have what it takes to get onto the Live Nascar Chat leader board this weekend?

New Rules
What are your thoughts about the new radiator restrictions to prevent tandem racing - or at least make it a lot harder. Is this going to cause issues with overheating for other races as well? If you know your stuff and you've got something to say head over to our Facebook page at Facebook.com/LiveNascarChat 

Email Management
Hey man i like the LiveFanChat app...but I'm not into Nascar and you're killing my buzz with this email as i like to turn "Left" and "Right".

No problem, did you know you can choose which sports to receive messages from? Simply log in to LiveNascarChat.com, click "Account", then "My Messages", then "Select". This will allow you to customise which email messages for each of the 14 LiveFanChat sites you use. Or just click here :)

Speech bubbles cant be really considered IP....can they?

Lol the things people do for press. There is an article in TechCrunch today by the CEO of HipChat (basically a group chat/IM app) about how he's concerned that Apple are going to sure him because their logos of two speech bubbles is too similar to the Apple Messages app.


The best comment in the replies were "A speech bubble can hardly be considered IP".... - Alice Bradshaw

Monday, February 6, 2012


Watching CNBC talking about Zynga.

Only 5% of users actually spend money with Zynga BUT the ones that do spent on average $17 in the 3rd Qtr 2011.


This is worth thinking about eg rev models for bling accounts / or paid versus free functionality for LiveFanChat users.

What would you pay more money for on the www.LiveFanChat.com/sites ?

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Less than 1 day to go until Superbowl 46 !!

All season there have been some great games but its finally coming down to this.

In less than 24 hours we'll finally know who is the king of the NFL for Season 46.

So are you a Giants fan or a Patriots fan?

Join us 6pm eastern 30 minutes before kickoff at

(click the link above and it will show you the kickoff time in your local time zone)

King of the Site
Currently http://www.LiveFootballChat.com/NFLNewsAndNotes is king of the site but there is still 24 hours left in which his crown can be stolen.

You can earn points by inviting friends to join you in the live chat via Twitter and Facebook, posting comments, and earning badges.

Do you think you have what it takes to be King?

How come i'm getting this email?
Yep you are probably a baseball fan right and signed up for http://www.livebaseballchat.com/ - normally we only send sports messages out to the sport you signed up with but hey its the SuperBowl.....this will be a once only email and you'll only receive email alerts from the http://www.LiveFanChat.com site that you signed up with.

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So who do the team at LiveFanChat.com support?
Yep we're NY based - who do you think :) "Go Big Blue !!!"

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