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Thursday, March 23, 2017

Australian Grand Prix - first race of the 2017 season is this Sunday

Welcome back to F1 for 2017  :)

Hi All

The Australian Grand Prix is this Sunday (4pm Melbourne time - the URL below converts it to your local time)

The Live Fan Chat url is - http://www.LiveF1chat.com/go/35470

Post it out on Twitter and Facebook and invite your friends to join in better still ask them to add you to their buddylist at http://www.LiveF1chat.com/<>  so they can see when you log in at racetime.

Here are the URLs for the rest of the F1 season

03/26/2017 Australian Grand Prix http://www.LiveF1chat.com/go/35470
04/09/2017 Chinese Grand Prix http://www.LiveF1chat.com/go/35471
04/16/2017 Bahrain Grand Prix http://www.LiveF1chat.com/go/35472
04/30/2017 Russian Grand Prix http://www.LiveF1chat.com/go/35473
05/14/2017 Spanish Grand Prix http://www.LiveF1chat.com/go/35474
05/28/2017 Monaco Grand Prix http://www.LiveF1chat.com/go/35475
06/11/2017 Canadian Grand Prix http://www.LiveF1chat.com/go/35476
06/25/2017 Azerbaijan Grand Prix http://www.LiveF1chat.com/go/35477
07/09/2017 Austrian Grand Prix http://www.LiveF1chat.com/go/35478
07/16/2017 British Grand Prix http://www.LiveF1chat.com/go/35479
07/30/2017 Hungarian Grand Prix http://www.LiveF1chat.com/go/35480
08/27/2017 Belgian Grand Prix http://www.LiveF1chat.com/go/35481
09/03/2017 Italian Grand Prix http://www.LiveF1chat.com/go/35482
09/17/2017 Singapore Grand Prix http://www.LiveF1chat.com/go/35483
10/01/2017 Malaysia Grand Prix http://www.LiveF1chat.com/go/35484
10/08/2017 Japanese Grand Prix http://www.LiveF1chat.com/go/35485
10/22/2017 United States Grand Prix http://www.LiveF1chat.com/go/35486
10/29/2017 Mexican Grand Prix http://www.LiveF1chat.com/go/35487
11/12/2017 Brazilian Grand Prix http://www.LiveF1chat.com/go/35488
11/26/2017 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix http://www.LiveF1chat.com/go/35489

 In the mean time what are your thoughts on this "Moving under Braking" rule? and how do you think its really going to work?
Seems a bit "open ended" and subject to interpretation to me.....

More exciting is the Pirelli #F1 tyres are 25% bigger this year eg. fronts rising from 245 mm to 305, while the rears increase from 325 to 405. (also diameter is slightly 'taller").
- https://www.facebook.com/LiveF1chat/posts/10155146732714337

Anyone have some thoughts on how big a difference the tyres are going to make this year (and which tracks it will make the most difference on lap times.

Lastly, sad news for Manor #F1 racing fans at http://www.LiveF1chat.com/fan/Manor

There are some discussions about Chinese backers coming in......so of course there is still a chance they'll be back in 2018.....unfortunately #F1 has always been a rich mans sport and that's unlikely to change anytime soon

Looking forward to seeing you at race time, add me to your buddylist if you want to DM me before then.


Friday, March 10, 2017

Viva Las Vegas

Sadly it snowed here in New York last night....and today its raining and miserable but buckle up and smile...as its SUNNY and RIDICULOUSLY GORGEOUS all weekend in Las Vegas.


Come and join in the Live Fan Chat this weekend while watching #Nascar and invite your friends because we're racing and online at - http://www.LiveNascarChat.com

#Xfinity NASCAR Cup Series - Boyd Gaming 300
- Saturday 4:00pm (et) -

#MonsterEnergy - Kobalt 400
- Sunday 3:30pm (et) -

Dean Collins

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Tivo finding Cord Cutters are "cheap"

In other words...."cord shavers" dont want YACC (Yet Another Cable Company).

"However, they want to lower the price that each individual channel would cost. The average price respondents wanted to pay per channel was $1.68/month, if that were to include the designated top 20 channels it would come out to $28.87, a 12.3 percent decrease quarter-over-quarter".

Monday, March 6, 2017

Manor F1 team are officially out of 2017 season

Sad news for Manor #F1 racing fans at http://www.LiveF1chat.com/fan/Manor today.

Manor Formula 1 team rescue hopes end as 2017 FIA entry withdrawn - Autosport has learned that Manor's chief Stephen Fitzpatrick has written to the FIA to notify it officially that his team was withdrawing from the F1 championship.


There's a great article here in Motorsport on why #F1 needs the smaller teams - https://motorsport.clickon.co/2017/02/07/formula-1-will-miss-manor-racing/

Its especially hard on younger drivers like Jordan King "For everybody in my position as a young driver, it becomes a lot harder when the grid shrinks."


There are some discussions about Chinese backers coming in......so of course there is still a chance they'll be back in 2018.....unfortunately #F1 has always been a rich mans sport and that's unlikely to change anytime soon :(

- http://www.LiveF1chat.com/dean.collins