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Friday, February 24, 2017

Jigsaw "toxic comments" management


Jigsaw, a technology incubator within Alphabet, says it has developed a new tool for web publishers to identify toxic comments that can undermine a civil exchange of ideas

The irony is those who chose to listen to "half" the conversation will never actually understand they are only hearing "half the truth"

Dean Collins

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Live Baseball Chat 2017

MLB Baseball is (almost) back for 2017 !!

Hi dean.collins ,

The smell of cut grass is in the air, somewhere someone is pulling out the grill to flip a few burgers (not quite here in NYC where its still in the 40-50's.....but a guy can dream).

We'll be generating a live chat room at www.LiveBaseballChat.com for each and every MLB game once the regular season starts (no spring training coverage) so invite your friends to come and join in the Live Fan Chat while you are watching the game on TV and show them you really are the King of Baseball.

If you've forgotten your username you can visit your personal profile at http://www.LiveBaseballChat.com/dean.collins and at the same time forward this URL on to friends and add people to your buddylist.

Facebook streaming

Facebook are looking to stream one #MLB game a week.  Will you be watching if they do? What are your thoughts on how you feel about this?

Post us back with your thoughts at - https://www.facebook.com/LiveBaseballChat/posts/10155280249806535

Slick move

If you play in a league you might want to try this one out :)   Post us back on facebook and let us know how it went.
- https://www.facebook.com/LiveBaseballChat/posts/10155240336836535

Invite your friends = have more fun

Please tweet out the link below and forward it to your friends to get them involved in LiveBaseballChat the more the merrier....even if they are know it all Cubs fans

- http://fabzing.com/watch/?s=JXMfbJxy

Chat soon,
Dean Collins
Co-Founder Live Fan Chat
- http://www.LiveBaseballChat.com/dean.collins

Sunday, February 19, 2017

The #SwedishIncident on - http://www.LivePoliticalChat.com

Did you hear about the incident in Sweden last night??
Then of course came the liberal response

But you have have to love the Swedish response :) from Lisa Förare Winbladh
@SteveKopack Only thing that springs to my mind is that our Syrian live-in maid might have put some cups in the wrong cupboard. #swedishincident

Then the social media response :) from @SparksRich
@foraretaffel @doctorjasun The whole world is with you. This sort of random misplacement must not go unaddressed!

Then the GoFundMe campaign to the rescuse :) from @jr_houser
@mara__iara @foraretaffel @doctorjasun I think there's a GoFundMe to help the victims of the Sweden misplacement.

And this folks is why you have to love the internet
......well that and cause Swedish Muppet Cooks rock :)

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Nascar 2017

Unloaded and ready to roll!
- https://www.facebook.com/LiveNascarChat/posts/10155545506465931

Kick out the wife and kids, invite your facebook friends to join in the Live Fan Chat because we're back and online at - http://www.LiveNascarChat.com

#MonsterEnergy NASCAR Cup Series - Advance Auto Parts Clash at Daytona (75 laps, 187.5 miles), FS1"
- Saturday 8:00pm - http://www.LiveNascarChat.com/go/35403

#MonsterEnergy - Qualifying Daytona "hot laps"
- Sunday 3:10pm - http://www.LiveNascarChat.com/go/35404

Dean Collins

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Scott Galloway - winning brands have receptors......do you?

Some of you may already subscribe to Scott Galloways YouTube weekly winners and losers (if not….why not?) but this "How To Be A Winning Brand in 2017" video is worth your time
- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T9OQGK5uXzg