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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Yossi Vardi being honest

Yossi Vardi – the grandfather of the Israeli tech scene and guest speaker at Campus Party on Thursday – while in Israel. Vardi has invested in over 80 high-tech companies and his Midas touch has seen many of his investments sell to global businesses in multi-million deals – including ICQ (sold to AOL), Brightcove, TheGiftsProject (sold to eBay), and FoxyTunes (sold to Yahoo). He has acted as an advisor to the World Bank and the UN. He also tells a mean joke. Here are some of his nuggets of wisdom for anyone starting up in the tech scene.

Classic behind the scenes look at how "winning investments" are made. The real question i have is are any USA based VC firms really doing it any differently? Sure you can draw up your charts and your theories but isnt it all just darts at the end of the day?

Dean Collins
Founder – Live Fan Chat


Friday, November 9, 2012

Rihanna to chat live on Facebook

Its great to see how many stars are taking on the experience of live chat with their fans,
Rihanna to chat live on Facebook
Rihanna's going to get a little face time with Andy Cohen and millions of fans tonight.

Considering that she has one of the largest audiences on Facebook (She has 62,251,725 fans.), Rihanna could be there for a while.

The chat is set to start at 7 p.m. EST. Viewers can catch everything at
http://facebookcom/facebooklive. If you can't log on in time, don't worry. A video of the session will be available to watch online right after RiRi signs off.


Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Colorado, Washington Legalize Recreational Marijuana


This has to be the biggest side story of the night.

Recreational use is VERY different to medical use. No need to fly to amsterdam anymore just go skiing in colorado.

http://www.LivePoliticalChat.com is powering down today for the forseeeable future but with political issues like this and the fiscal cliff coming up over the next few months it wont be long before we power it back up for its next event.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Facebook "bait and switch"

lol just posted this to each of the Live Fan Chat facebook pages eg LBBC LFBC LNSC the irony of it only being seen by 5% at most of the people who have clicked they wanted to subscribe to our content is classic.

 Write a comment below if you see this but i know that less than 10% of my pages fans will actually even be shown this message let alone know that i wrote this post.
 Facebook Timeline is the bigest bait and switch in recent history@!!

Time to reimplement RSS feeds and email subscriptions to reach people who want to hear from us and remove the bottleneck in between us.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Larry King hosts the unrepresented "Third-Party" presidential debate tonight Tuesday 23rd, Oct at 9pm

Larry King chats live to
"Third-Party Candidates"
tonight at 9pm.

Join the "real alternatives" live fan chat with Larry King "Third-Party Candidate" debate tonight 9pm.

This debate will be harder to find on tv (dont let anyone tell you media is free and fair in America). If you are on Time Warner Cable it will be on Ch-135 on RT America and Ch-776 on Cspan, if you are on other networks you'll need to find your local guide.

If you want to watch it online it will be shown at http://www.ora.tv/ora2012/thirdparty ,or on Hulu, or on YouTube.

We'll be running a live fan chat event at http://www.LivePoliticalChat.com/go/1939 so feel free to forward this email and invite your friends to join you during the live fan chat simulcast.

Whats the point of an AmericanThird Party candidate?

As you can see on this list - http://www.presidentsusa.net/thirdparty.html most Third Party candidates are single platform parties. The real question I'd like to hear answered tonight is whats the point of participation? What do each of them hope to bring to the table.

Did You know Larry King owns part of OraTV?

OraTV was set up primarily as a platform for Larry King to spin off after leaving CNN - http://www.adweek.com/news/press/larry-kings-oratv-gearing-summer-launch-140613 Does this affect how you feel about watching him in the debate tonight? Would you think less or more if you knew Candy Crowley owned part of CNN.

Curious about your thoughts, also curious to know if you think TV networks have any advantages over online video providers except for "bradcast" efficiences.

Invite your friends

Help us get the word out about tonights live chat by inviting friends to http://www.LivePoliticalChat.com/go/1939
OR clicking like on Facebook at www.Facebook.com/LivePoliticalChat
OR by following us on http://www.Twitter.com/Political_Chat

Dean Collins

Monday, October 22, 2012

3rd USA Presidential Debate tonight 7pm

3rd and final debate tonight 7pm edt
The 3rd USA Presidential Debate starts earlier than normal tonight at 7pm.

We'll be running a live fan chat event at http://www.LivePoliticalChat.com/go/19378 so feel free to forward this email and invite your friends to join you during the live fan chat simulcast.

Does either candidate have an edge on Foreign Policy?

With Lebanon being pulled into the Syrian conflict over the past few days does either candidate have an edge?

It will be interesting to see if Israel forms a significant portion of the debate or will they steer clear of this "third rail" issue as neither candidate has a solution palatable for all voters.

Will either candidate seriously address the bigger "Foreign Policy" issue begins at home with the realisation that 'Merica has to slim down its resource demands and that the end of cheap food and peak oil is upon us and unless we can fit into a global equilibrium "resource" issues with China/India/Indonesia will dominate the next few decades making territorial issues in the middle east look like an easy problem to solve.

Is the future of USA foreign policy one of engagement or of competition - what do you think?

Will there ever be an American Third Party candidate?

Bloomberg made an interesting move yesterday with his "Center pac". What are your thoughts can we ever have a successful Third Party candidate or are the dollars/numbers required just never going to make this possible and even Romne"sias" move towards the center over the past few weeks cost him political capital?

For all the Gary Johnson fans out there http://www.LivePoliticalChat.com will also be hosting a live fan chat during Tuedays "Third Party" debate hosted by Larry King. On stage live discussing the issues will be Gary Johnson (Libertarian Party), Jill Stein (Green Party), Virgil Goode (Constitution Party) and Rocky Anderson (Justice Party).

Unfortunately watching Tuesday's Third-Party debate will be a little harder, RT America (Ch 135 on TimeWarner) will be the only channel carrying it live (C-Span are talking about carrying it live but still to be confirmed). Alternatively fire up your browser and head over to http://freeandequal.org/events/presidential-debate/ to watch the video and then join in the live fan chat at http://www.LivePoliticalChat.com/go/19379 from 9pm Tuesday.

Will 'CBS' Schieffer win the Debate Moderator title?

During the second debate on Oct. 16, there were 122 interruptions in total — an average of 1.4 per minute, according to George Mason University's Center for Media and Public Affairs
- http://cir.ca/s/w4
Being in such a high profile role is a thankless task, i figure if at the end of the night you go home and both sides hate you equally (including the public) then you've done your job well.

Invite your friends

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Friday, October 19, 2012

Kristen Stewart cuts live fan chat short


Looking a little uneasy, Kristen Stewart answered fan questions in a live Web chat for Balenciaga on Thursday afternoon.
It as scheduled as a 30-minute event to promote the brand's Florabotanica perfume, for which she is the "muse," but the chat was over in about half that time.....


lol so she wasnt briefed that dealing directly with fans was harder than her regular acting style....?

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Who would have thought Big Bird could topple the USA Presidential Election. I'm not sure this was the "zinger" the Republicans had in mind.

wow just 6 hours of military spending=PBS annual budget yep Mr Romney cutting PBS is going to make a huge difference- http://on.fb.me/RwXTxR

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

NFL referees

lol nothing but whining www.LiveFootballChat.com/fan/Packers fans out there today.... :)
- http://www.nytimes.com/aponline/2012/09/24/sports/football/ap-fbn-packers-seahawks.html

But for coaching staff and the players, this is why they have the record they have "McCarthy: I told team to keep the faith. What's left is to get back and get ready for Saints".

See you next Sunday at www.LiveFootballChat.com

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Hyundai A-League 2012 schedule as a CSV file

lol what a pita, seeing the Australian Hyundai A-League doesnt make their seasons available as a csv file and i had to manually make up this file.... feel free to download it from here and look forward to seeing you at http://www.livealeaguechat.com/



Friday, Oct 05,7:30,7:30,Melbourne Victory ,vs,Melbourne Heart,Etihad Stadium

Saturday, Oct 06,7:30,5:30,Wellington Phoenix,vs,Sydney FC,Westpac Stadium

Saturday, Oct 06,7:45,7:45,Western Sydney,vs,Central Coast Mariners,TBA

Sunday, Oct 07,3:00,3:00,Newcastle Jets,vs,Adelaide United,Hunter Stadium

Sunday, Oct 07,2:00,5:00,Perth Glory,vs,Brisbane Roar,Pattersons Stadium


Friday, Oct 12,7:00,7:30,Adelaide United,vs,Western Sydney,Hindmarsh Stadium

Saturday, Oct 13,5:30,5:30,Sydney FC,vs,Newcastle Jets,Allianz Stadium

Saturday, Oct 13,6:45,7:45,Brisbane Roar,vs,Melbourne Victory ,Suncorp Stadium

Sunday, Oct 14,3:00,3:00,Melbourne Heart,vs,Wellington Phoenix,AAMI Park

Sunday, Oct 14,5:00,5:00,Central Coast Mariners,vs,Perth Glory,Bluetongue Stadium


Friday, Oct 19,7:30,7:30,Melbourne Victory ,vs,Adelaide United,Etihad Stadium

Saturday, Oct 20,5:30,5:30,Newcastle Jets,vs,Central Coast Mariners,Hunter Stadium

Saturday, Oct 20,7:45,7:45,Western Sydney,vs,Sydney FC,TBA

Sunday, Oct 21,4:30,2:30,Wellington Phoenix,vs,Brisbane Roar,Westpac Stadium

Sunday, Oct 21,2:00,5:00,Perth Glory,vs,Melbourne Heart,nib Stadium


Friday, Oct 26,7:30,7:30,Newcastle Jets,vs,Melbourne Victory,Hunter Stadium

Saturday, Oct 27,5:00,5:30,Adelaide United,vs,Wellington Phoenix,Hindmarsh Stadium

Saturday, Oct 27,6:45,7:45,Brisbane Roar,vs,Western Sydney,Suncorp Stadium

Sunday, Oct 28,3:00,3:00,Melbourne Heart,vs,Central Coast Mariners,AAMI Park

Sunday, Oct 28,5:00,5:00,Sydney FC,vs,Perth Glory,TBA


Friday, Nov 02,7:30,7:30,Western Sydney,vs,Melbourne Heart,TBA

Saturday, Nov 03,7:30,7:30,Central Coast Mariners,vs,Sydney FC,Bluetongue Stadium

Saturday, Nov 03,6:45,9:45,Perth Glory,vs,Newcastle Jets,nib Stadium

Sunday, Nov 04,4:00,5:00,Brisbane Roar,vs,Adelaide United,Suncorp Stadium

Monday, Nov 05,7:30,7:30,Melbourne Victory ,vs,Wellington Phoenix,Etihad Stadium


Friday, Nov 09,7:30,7:30,Melbourne Heart,vs,Brisbane Roar,AAMI Park

Saturday, Nov 10,5:30,5:30,Western Sydney,vs,Newcastle Jets,TBA

Saturday, Nov 10,7:45,7:45,Sydney FC,vs,Melbourne Victory ,Allianz Stadium

Sunday, Nov 11,4:30,2:30,Wellington Phoenix,vs,Central Coast Mariners,Westpac Stadium

Sunday, Nov 11,4:30,5:00,Adelaide United,vs,Perth Glory,Hindmarsh Stadium


Friday, Nov 16,7:00,8:00,Brisbane Roar,vs,Sydney FC,Suncorp Stadium

Saturday, Nov 17,5:00,5:30,Adelaide United,vs,Melbourne Heart,Hindmarsh Stadium

Saturday, Nov 17,7:45,7:45,Melbourne Victory ,vs,Central Coast Mariners,Etihad Stadium

Sunday, Nov 18,3:00,3:00,Newcastle Jets,vs,Wellington Phoenix,Hunter Stadium

Sunday, Nov 18,2:00,5:00,Perth Glory,vs,Western Sydney,nib Stadium


Friday, Nov 23,7:30,7:30,Sydney FC,vs,Adelaide United,Allianz Stadium

Saturday, Nov 24,5:30,5:30,Melbourne Heart,vs,Newcastle Jets,AAMI Park

Saturday, Nov 24,7:45,7:45,Western Sydney,vs,Melbourne Victory,TBA

Saturday, Nov 24,6:45,9:45,Perth Glory,vs,Wellington Phoenix,nib Stadium

Sunday, Nov 25,5:00,5:00,Central Coast Mariners,vs,Brisbane Roar,Bluetongue Stadium


Friday, Nov 30,7:30,7:30,Melbourne Victory ,vs,Perth Glory,AAMI Park

Saturday, Dec 01,5:30,5:30,Central Coast Mariners,vs,Adelaide United,Bluetongue Stadium

Saturday, Dec 01,6:45,7:45,Brisbane Roar,vs,Newcastle Jets,Suncorp Stadium

Sunday, Dec 02,4:30,2:30,Wellington Phoenix,vs,Western Sydney,Westpac Stadium

Sunday, Dec 02,5:00,5:00,Sydney FC,vs,Melbourne Heart,Allianz Stadium


Friday, Dec 07,7:00,7:30,Adelaide United,vs,Melbourne Victory,Hindmarsh Stadium

Saturday, Dec 08,5:30,5:30,Melbourne Heart,vs,Perth Glory,AAMI Park

Saturday, Dec 08,7:45,7:45,Newcastle Jets,vs,Central Coast Mariners,Hunter Stadium

Sunday, Dec 09,4:30,2:30,Wellington Phoenix,vs,Sydney FC,Westpac Stadium

Sunday, Dec 09,5:00,5:00,Western Sydney,vs,Brisbane Roar,TBA


Friday, Dec 14,7:30,7:30,Central Coast Mariners,vs,Melbourne Heart,Bluetongue Stadium

Friday, Dec 14,6:45,9:45,Perth Glory,vs,Newcastle Jets,nib Stadium

Saturday, Dec 15,5:30,5:30,Melbourne Victory ,vs,Brisbane Roar,AAMI Park

Saturday, Dec 15,7:45,7:45,Sydney FC,vs,Western Sydney,Allianz Stadium

Sunday, Dec 16,4:30,5:00,Adelaide United,vs,Wellington Phoenix,Hindmarsh Stadium


Friday, Dec 21,7:00,7:00,Western Sydney,vs,Adelaide United,TBA

Friday, Dec 21,8:00,9:00,Brisbane Roar,vs,Perth Glory,Suncorp Stadium

Saturday, Dec 22,5:00,3:00,Wellington Phoenix,vs,Central Coast Mariners,Westpac Stadium

Saturday, Dec 22,5:30,5:30,Newcastle Jets,vs,Sydney FC,Hunter Stadium

Saturday, Dec 22,7:45,7:45,Melbourne Heart,vs,Melbourne Victory,AAMI Park


Wednesday, Dec 26,7:00,7:30,Adelaide United,vs,Brisbane Roar,Hindmarsh Stadium

Thursday, Dec 27,7:30,5:30,Wellington Phoenix,vs,Melbourne Heart,Westpac Stadium

Thursday, Dec 27,7:30,7:30,Sydney FC,vs,Central Coast Mariners,Allianz Stadium

Thursday, Dec 27,6:45,9:45,Perth Glory,vs,Western Sydney,Pattersons Stadium

Friday, Dec 28,7:30,7:30,Melbourne Victory ,vs,Newcastle Jets,AAMI Park


Monday, Dec 31,6:00,6:00,Central Coast Mariners,vs,Perth Glory,Bluetongue Stadium

Monday, Dec 31,7:30,8:00,Adelaide United,vs,Sydney FC,Hindmarsh Stadium

Tuesday, Jan 01,4:00,4:00,Melbourne Heart,vs,Newcastle Jets,AAMI Park

Tuesday, Jan 01,6:15,6:15,Western Sydney,vs,Melbourne Victory,TBA

Tuesday, Jan 01,7:30,8:30,Brisbane Roar,vs,Wellington Phoenix,Suncorp Stadium


Saturday, Jan 05,5:30,5:30,Newcastle Jets,vs,Adelaide United,Hunter Stadium

Saturday, Jan 05,7:45,7:45,Melbourne Victory ,vs,Wellington Phoenix,AAMI Park

Saturday, Jan 05,6:45,9:45,Perth Glory,vs,Sydney FC,nib Stadium

Sunday, Jan 06,4:00,4:00,Melbourne Heart,vs,Brisbane Roar,AAMI Park

Sunday, Jan 06,6:00,6:00,Western Sydney,vs,Central Coast Mariners,TBA


Friday, Jan 11,7:00,7:30,Adelaide United,vs,Perth Glory,Hindmarsh Stadium

Saturday, Jan 12,5:30,5:30,Melbourne Victory ,vs,Central Coast Mariners,Aurora Stadium, Launceston

Saturday, Jan 12,7:45,7:45,Newcastle Jets,vs,Brisbane Roar,Hunter Stadium

Sunday, Jan 13,4:30,2:30,Wellington Phoenix,vs,Western Sydney,Westpac Stadium

Sunday, Jan 13,5:00,5:00,Sydney FC,vs,Melbourne Heart,Allianz Stadium


Friday, Jan 18,7:30,7:30,Melbourne Heart,vs,Adelaide United,AAMI Park

Saturday, Jan 19,5:30,5:30,Sydney FC,vs,Wellington Phoenix,Allianz Stadium

Saturday, Jan 19,7:45,7:45,Central Coast Mariners,vs,Newcastle Jets,Bluetongue Stadium

Saturday, Jan 19,6:45,9:45,Perth Glory,vs,Melbourne Victory,nib Stadium

Sunday, Jan 20,4:00,5:00,Brisbane Roar,vs,Western Sydney,Suncorp Stadium


Friday, Jan 25,7:30,7:30,Central Coast Mariners,vs,Adelaide United,Bluetongue Stadium

Saturday, Jan 26,5:30,5:30,Melbourne Victory ,vs,Sydney FC,AAMI Park

Saturday, Jan 26,7:45,7:45,Western Sydney,vs,Melbourne Heart,TBA

Saturday, Jan 26,6:45,9:45,Perth Glory,vs,Brisbane Roar,nib Stadium

Sunday, Jan 27,4:30,2:30,Wellington Phoenix,vs,Newcastle Jets,Westpac Stadium


Friday, Feb 01,7:00,8:00,Brisbane Roar,vs,Central Coast Mariners,Suncorp Stadium

Saturday, Feb 02,5:00,3:00,Wellington Phoenix,vs,Perth Glory,TBA

Saturday, Feb 02,5:30,5:30,Newcastle Jets,vs,Sydney FC,Hunter Stadium

Saturday, Feb 02,7:45,7:45,Melbourne Victory ,vs,Melbourne Heart,Etihad Stadium

Sunday, Feb 03,4:30,5:00,Adelaide United,vs,Western Sydney,Hindmarsh Stadium


Thursday, Feb 07,7:00,7:00,Central Coast Mariners,vs,Wellington Phoenix,Bluetongue Stadium

Friday, Feb 08,7:00,7:30,Adelaide United,vs,Melbourne Victory ,Hindmarsh Stadium

Saturday, Feb 09,5:30,5:30,Melbourne Heart,vs,Perth Glory,AAMI Park

Saturday, Feb 09,7:45,7:45,Western Sydney,vs,Newcastle Jets,Campbelltown Stadium

Sunday, Feb 10,5:00,5:00,Sydney FC,vs,Brisbane Roar,Allianz Stadium


Friday, Feb 15,7:30,7:30,Newcastle Jets,vs,Melbourne Heart,Hunter Stadium

Saturday, Feb 16,5:30,5:30,Sydney FC,vs,Adelaide United,Allianz Stadium

Saturday, Feb 16,7:45,7:45,Melbourne Victory ,vs,Western Sydney,AAMI Park

Saturday, Feb 16,6:45,9:45,Perth Glory,vs,Central Coast Mariners,nib Stadium

Sunday, Feb 17,4:00,5:00,Brisbane Roar,vs,Wellington Phoenix,Suncorp Stadium


Friday, Feb 22,7:30,7:30,Newcastle Jets,vs,Brisbane Roar,Hunter Stadium

Saturday, Feb 23,5:30,5:30,Western Sydney,vs,Perth Glory,TBA

Saturday, Feb 23,7:45,7:45,Central Coast Mariners,vs,Melbourne Victory,Bluetongue Stadium

Sunday, Feb 24,4:30,2:30,Wellington Phoenix,vs,Adelaide United,Westpac Stadium

Sunday, Feb 24,5:00,5:00,Melbourne Heart,vs,Sydney FC,AAMI Park


Saturday, Mar 02,5:00,5:30,Adelaide United,vs,Brisbane Roar,Hindmarsh Stadium

Saturday, Mar 02,7:45,7:45,Central Coast Mariners,vs,Western Sydney,Bluetongue Stadium

Saturday, Mar 02,6:45,9:45,Perth Glory,vs,Sydney FC,TBA

Sunday, Mar 03,4:30,2:30,Wellington Phoenix,vs,Melbourne Heart,Forsyth Barr Stadium,

Sunday, Mar 03,5:00,5:00,Melbourne Victory ,vs,Newcastle Jets,AAMI Park


Friday, Mar 08,7:30,7:30,Newcastle Jets,vs,Perth Glory,Hunter Stadium

Saturday, Mar 09,5:30,5:30,Sydney FC,vs,Central Coast Mariners,Allianz Stadium

Saturday, Mar 09,6:45,7:45,Brisbane Roar,vs,Melbourne Victory,Suncorp Stadium

Sunday, Mar 10,5:00,5:00,Western Sydney,vs,Wellington Phoenix,TBA

Monday, Mar 11,7:30,7:30,Melbourne Heart,vs,Adelaide United,AAMI Park


Friday, Mar 15,7:00,7:30,Adelaide United,vs,Newcastle Jets,Hindmarsh Stadium

Saturday, Mar 16,5:30,5:30,Melbourne Heart,vs,Western Sydney,AAMI Park

Saturday, Mar 16,7:45,7:45,Sydney FC,vs,Melbourne Victory,Allianz Stadium

Sunday, Mar 17,5:00,5:00,Central Coast Mariners,vs,Brisbane Roar,Bluetongue Stadium

Sunday, Mar 17,4:00,7:00,Perth Glory,vs,Wellington Phoenix,nib Stadium


Saturday, Mar 23,5:00,3:00,Wellington Phoenix,vs,Newcastle Jets,Westpac Stadium

Saturday, Mar 23,5:30,5:30,Melbourne Victory ,vs,Perth Glory,AAMI Park

Saturday, Mar 23,7:45,7:45,Western Sydney,vs,Sydney FC,TBA

Sunday, Mar 24,4:00,5:00,Brisbane Roar,vs,Melbourne Heart,Suncorp Stadium

Sunday, Mar 24,6:30,7:00,Adelaide United,vs,Central Coast Mariners,Hindmarsh Stadium


Thursday, Mar 28,7:00,8:00,Brisbane Roar,vs,Sydney FC,Suncorp Stadium

Friday, Mar 29,5:30,5:30,Newcastle Jets,vs,Western Sydney,Hunter Stadium

Saturday, Mar 30,5:30,5:30,Central Coast Mariners,vs,Melbourne Heart,Bluetongue Stadium

Saturday, Mar 30,6:45,9:45,Perth Glory,vs,Adelaide United,nib Stadium

Sunday, Mar 31,4:30,2:30,Wellington Phoenix,vs,Melbourne Victory,Westpac Stadium


WEEK 1 (5 – 7 April) ELIMINATION FINAL 1 3rd v 6th
WEEK 1 (5 – 7 April) ELIMINATION FINAL 2 4th v 5th
WEEK 2 (12–14 April) SEMI FINAL 1 1st v Lowest Ranked Week 1 Winner
WEEK 2 (12–14 April) SEMI FINAL 2 2nd v Highest Ranked Week 1 Winner
WEEK 3 (20–21 April) GRAND FINAL Winner SF 1 v Winner SF 2


BTW whats with not posting the actual dates for the final matches??

Sunday, July 15, 2012


Wow Watching #CNNsotu and heard only 14c spent in a grocery goes to the farmer, the biggest portion goes in energy costs!

Imagine a world were we can reduce energy costs thermal/solar/BlackKryptonIfusion by 90% what this would mean to food costs/production costs of good (clothes/household products etc)

Why are we spending money blowing shit up in the middle east and not on the R&D of BlackKryptonIfusion or other alternative energy.
- http://www.facebook.com/LivePoliticalChat/posts/364605576943896

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Real time translation

neat, i just noticed that http://littlemonsters.com/ has real time translating for their chat engine, nicely done.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Facebook kills the Live Stream Plugin

Chuckled at "requires refreshing for every comment to appear", lol what exactly are these guys spending their R&D dollars on??

I know massively scalable chat is hard to do but if http://www.livefanchat.com/ can do it it properly you'd think that Facebook would have no issues scaling and not need to kill this product (heck they paid $20m for the Hot Potato developers to buy the experience/technology).

September 2012 Breaking Changes (90-day notice) - Removing Live Stream plugin

The Live Stream plugin will be removed on September 5, 2012. We recommend using the Comments Box plugin instead. Please migrate your app as soon as possible. On September 5th, if your app is still using the Live Stream plugin, we will render the Comments Box plugin in its place. While it offers similar functionality, there are a few functional differences. Please see the Live Stream plugin documentation for more info.

Migration to Comments Box Plugin - https://developers.facebook.com/docs/reference/plugins/live-stream
On September 5, 2012, if you are still utilizing the Live Stream plugin, we will render the Comments Box Plugin instead. While the Comments Box plugin offers similar functionality, there are a few differences:

· Live Stream allowed you to specify an xid so that you may have multiple plugins on the same page. Comments box does not allow this.

· Comments Box does that have 'via attribution url' for specifying where outbound clicks should go

· Comments Box requires a refresh for updates

Friday, June 22, 2012

Road Course !!

This weekend is one of the two road course events in the Nascar calendar.

Nationwide Sargento 200
Saturday 3pm edt
- http://www.LiveNascarChat.com/go/16284

Sadler is said to be the critics favorite however even though he finished fourth last year and has been on a winning streak this year i'm not so sure.

What is interesting however is that Jacques Villeneuve in the 22 car will representing for Penske Racing - i know a lot of oval fans will be booing...but we'll see.

Sprint Save Mart 350
Sunday 2pm edt
- http://www.LiveNascarChat.com/go/15817

Two wide restarts, left and "right" hand turns, whats not to love about Sonoma :)

Its interesting how there is no longer any real "ring-ins" for the road courses, and those that are...have their hands full anyway. This is Ambrose race to lose but with drivers getting anxious in the passing zones it only takes one bump to put anyone out of the running.

Lets face it- this race is impossible to handicap, if you think you can do better feel free to post your picks pre race day at http://www.facebook.com/LiveNascarChat/posts/315260778564728

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Game 5 starts tonight 9pm edt

Miami #Heat will close out the NBA 2012 championship in Game 5 Thursday night.

Join in the live basketball chat action at - http://www.livebasketballchat.com/go/17766

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Facebook has gone too far

i've just posted the following comment out on each of the 14 facebook fan pages we have for www.LiveFanChat.com/Sites

This extortion will not work in the long run.

Isn’t Facebook supposed to be the magical tool that levels the playing field for small business, non-profits, and grass roots movements? Once upon a time, maybe…but not so much now.

Do you know that “IF” you see this post you are one of only a few percent of the people that are fans of this Facebook page who will see it. It’s the abysmally small number Facebook bothered to publish in newsfeeds.

Yeah. You read that correctly. Most fans don’t receive our posts at all, in any way, shape, or form.

Facebook is only sharing them with fans who repeatedly return to our page/post or comment on the page weekly, The rest of the posts you see in your newsfeed are big corporations who are paying to be there.

In fact only about 4-6% of our posts are ever seen by anyone eg - http://alwaysupward.com/blog/fb-fans-arent-seeing-your-posts-and-how-to-fix-it

Basically since the IPO Facebook have demanded payment from each and every post LiveFanChat make in order for it to be seen and these payments run from as little as $5 to several hundred dollars depending on the size of the Facebook group.

This is ridiculous http://www.livefanchat.com/ has 14 different Facebook pages ranging from a few hundred to well over a few thousand followers we’ve built up over the last 12 months for our http://www.livebaseballchat.com/
etc etc pages.

If we cant use Facebook to communicate with our fans without paying then screw Facebook and we’ll start using other methods to publish our content out.

Please sign up to one of the http://www.LiveFanChat.com/sites and we’ll send you an update via email on how changes about how you can access your content as we no longer choose to play Mark Zuckerbergs games.

Dean Collins

Monday, June 11, 2012

Thunder vs Heat ...bringing it for 2012 NBA finals

So many teams came close, it could have easily been Celtics or Spurs in the finals but at the end of the day the teams that are here are the ones that dug deep and pulled out clutch plays when it counted.

I'm not even going to try and predict who the winner of this matchup is apart from over the next week we are going to see some of the best basketball in 2012.

Each team have an obvious power player in Lebron and Durant, but its the "other" superstars like Bosh and how well they can effectively pull defenders away from the zone that will determine attacking success.

With the Heat being in back to back finals you might tip the scales to them....but i wouldn't.

Live Fan Chat urls
The Live Fan Chat urls are now all available on the site, upload these to your calendar and invite your friends to add your username LiveBasketballChat.com/<< Test Username >> to their buddy list, lets see who can trash talk with the best of them and who really is the king of live basketball chat for 2012.

Game 1
Heat Vs Thunder starts at Tue Jun 12th at 9pm edt

Game 2
Heat Vs Thunder starts at Thu Jun 14th at 9pm edt

Game 3
Thunder Vs Heat starts at Sun Jun 17th at 9pm edt

Game 4
Thunder Vs Heat starts at Tue Jun 19th at 9pm edt

Game 5
Thunder Vs Miami starts at Thu Jun 21st at 9pm edt

Game 6
Miami Vs Thunder starts at Sun Jun 24th at 8pm edt

Game 7
Miami Vs Thunder starts at Tue Jun 26th at 9pm edt

Choose your side LiveBasketballChat.com/fan/Heat or LiveBasketballChat.com/fan/Thunder and good luck to you all.


Dean Collins

Friday, June 8, 2012

Pocono this weekend

Winstar 400

The Camping World Trucks are back in Texas tonight, rain cancelled qualifying last night so you know what that means...they'll all be messing and shuffling early.

The live fan chat for Friday nights race kicks off at 8.30pm
- http://www.LiveNascarChat.com/go/16309

Sprint Cup Pocono 400
Ok so this is the first year with the new pavement, can someone explain to me why a new pavement makes things so much faster?

The track lap test times this week are coming in faster than last years "season best lap times".

Do you think this helps one driver over another? Post your comment on our Facebook wall now.

With this years race being 100 miles shorter a few drivers feel they are in the with a shot but my money is on Hamlin and even though he has won here 4 times in 6 years he's down talking his chances with the new distance and track surface.

The live fan chat for Pocono Sprint Cup starts at Sun 12:00 edt
- http://www.LiveNascarChat.com/go/15815

Curate Smurate
Ok so Nascar inc and Twitter have just signed a deal where you can now post your #Nascar tweets onto the tv starting with Pocono - http://www.lostremote.com/2012/05/21/twitter-announces-partnership-with-nascar-to-compliment-broadcast/

My response to this was
"Curate...smurate people want to say what they've got to say and not have it moderated. Closed walled gardens are great for kindergarden but the internet wants to be free which is why moderation is controlled by the end user at sites like http://www.LiveNascarChat.com.

Having a delayed curated discussion is about as exciting as talking to my fish as they swim left around their bowl".

So let me know am i wrong with my thinking on this? Do you want someone to filter what you are saying?

We built http://www.livenascarchat.com/ so fans can have a place to say whatever they want...and if you dont like what someone has to say easy...click their username and block them you never see their message again.

Put the tools in the hands of the people instead of curating their comments.

Thanks to NasBus for another year
http://www.livefanchat.com/ runs due to the generosity of its supporters.

Our primary supporter for LiveNascarChat are the team at http://www.nasbus.com/

NASBUS offers motorcoach shuttle travel to Sprint Cup, Nationwide, and Camping World races.

A fun and safe way to enjoy the races, NASBUS picks you up from your town, gets you to the track and brings you back home safely for less than the cost of driving and without the need for a designated driver.

Please visit their site at http://www.nasbus.com/ in order to show your appreciation for their continued support of LiveNascarChat.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Facebook are now restricting feeds

LiveFanChat have probably spent about $60 on testing Facebook ads over the last 2 years so we aren’t the target audience/company for the new Facebook promote feature (as we are cheap skates and don’t spend much on advertising - probably spent about $50 on google ads in 2 years) but the issue I see here is that Facebook are now moderating what you as an end user sees, eg I peronally probably only get to see about 50 posts a day these days even though I log into Facebook regularly.

Basically Facebook are "restricting" what I see as an end user and this is breaking the original Facebook model that I get to choose what I see and don’t see. I don’t think most users have worked this out yet...but when they do there will be a revolt against Facebook.

The good feature that Facebook introduced is we now have super accurate analytics on who is seeing posts. As such I can determine is it worth my time to post updates about Celtics vs Heat game tonight - http://www.facebook.com/LiveBasketballChat/posts/378102848906321 because it accurately shows me how many people have seen this post 30 mins after posting (and seems to update hourly thereafter).

What this as a developer tells me is unless Facebook quit freaking around with feeds....as a content provider we'll start moving to email, sms, or similar if we cant control interaction with our end users.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Stanley Cup starts 8pm edt on NBC

Come join in the live hockey chat for the NHL finals at http://www.livehockeychat.com/

Doesnt matter if you are a http://www.LiveHockeyChat.com/fan/Kings fan or a http://www.LiveHockeyChat.com/fan/Devils fan or if you follow a sucky team who didnt make the finals such as the Rangers like me lets get it on and make the season go out with a bang.

King of the Site


Monday, May 21, 2012

Facebook promoted posts

Just got hit with the ransom holdup message by facebook for promoted posts for our www.Facebook.com/LiveHockeyChat fan page

Let the “jumping of the shark discussions” begin as we’ll be using facebook less and concentrating more on channels where we control access like email.

Where can I see how a promoted post is performing?

Shortly after promoting a post, you’ll be able to see its performance at the bottom of the post in the links to the left of the Promote button. To see mo.....

Dean Collins


"Starting with NASCAR’s Pocono 400 race, which will air on TNT, Twitter will be curating #NASCAR to capture the buzz around the game".

- http://www.lostremote.com/2012/05/21/twitter-announces-partnership-with-nascar-to-compliment-broadcast

Curate...smurate people want to say what they've got to say and not have it moderated. Closed walled gardens are great for kindergarden but the internet wants to be free which is why moderation is controlled by the end user at sites like http://www.livenascarchat.com/

If you dont want to see someones message you just block them personally, having a delayed curated discussion is about as exciting as talking to my fish as they swim left around their bowl.

... are you in kindergarden or are you a Nascar fan?

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Shanghai Live F1 Chat tomorrow

Out of no where Mercedes driver Nico Rosberg claimed the first Formula One pole position of his career.

McLaren's Lewis Hamilton qualified second, but will have to start Sunday's race from seventh due to a five-place grid penalty for changing his gearbox.

The biggest surprise of qualifying was the absence of world champion Sebastian Vettel from the final session. He missed out on the top 10 by just five hundredths of a second and will start the race from 11th.

Although six of the previous seven winners (minus Kimi Raikkonen - 2007) will line-up for Sunday's event, only McLaren's Lewis Hamilton has ever won this event twice.

If the qualifying has been any indication.....should be a great race.

If you want to help us out please ReTweet or post on your Facebook wall the following;

"Who is ready for the China #F1 tomorrow Sunday April 15th - http://fabzing.com/watch?s=bJhxbzsL -Join in the Live F1 Chat with me"

The Live F1 Chat url will be http://www.LiveF1chat.com/go/16434 and click on the link and it will show you the time zone for your location.

Friday, April 13, 2012

1144 Miles is the most important number this weekend

This weekend Kasey Kahne is the only driver entered in all three races this weekend.

Yep you are reading that correctly..... Fridays/Saturdays races are in Fort Worth, Texas.....Sundays race is in Rockingham North Carolina... 1144 miles away.

Go Kasey Go.

Show your support by adding Kasey Kahne as your favorite driver at http://www.LiveNascarChat.com/fan/Kahne

This weekends Live Nascar Chat urls

Texas Nationwide Cup
Chat starts under lights at Fri Apr 13 at 8pm edt

Brad Keselowski has to be considered a favorite for tonight having won four in the past eight races here.

Texas Sprint Cup
Chat starts at Sat Apr 14 7pm edt

Team owner Rick Hendrick is hoping his 200th win in NASCAR's premier series will come at Texas. All four of Hendrick's drivers -- Dale Earnhardt Jr., Jeff Gordon, Kasey Kahne and Jimmie Johnson -- have won at Texas Sprint Cup races in the past, though you know the Roush team will have something to say about that.

Rockingham Camping World Truck Series
Chat starts at Sun Apr 15 12:30 edt

This race starts a new era at Rockingham Speedway by running its first race at the track, which hosted 78 Cup and 42 Nationwide races when it was known as North Carolina Motor Speedway and later North Carolina Speedway. Other uses for Rockingham Speedway included movie locations for Days of Thunder, 3: The Dale Earnhardt Story and Talladega Nights.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Baseball is back for 2012 !!

Baseball is back for 2012 !!The smell of cut grass is in the air, somewhere someone is pulling out the grill to flip a few burgers and the groundsmen are finishing up with their line markers......you know what that means dont you, baseball is back baby and so is http://www.livebaseballchat.com/

We'll be generating a live chat room for each and every MLB game over the next few months so invite your friends to come and join in the live chat while you are watching the game on TV and show them you really are the King of Baseball.

If you've forgotten your username you can visit your personal profile at http://www.LiveBaseballChat.com/Username  and at the same time forward this URL on to add people to your buddylist.

Post to both Facebook and Twitter feature
Did you know that you can post to both Facebook and Twitter from directly within our Live Baseball Chat app?

Just post a "#Facebook" or "#Twitter" at the end of your message and your message will appear not only in the chat room but also in your linked Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Be the first to do this in a new chat and earn a badge. BTW think you are slick.....there is a shortcut version of this for the pros who work out how to do it.

Invite your friends and have more fun
Feel free to click on the link below and forward it to your friends to get them involved in LiveBaseballChat the more the merrier....even if they are know it all Cubs fans

IPL Cricket is back for 2012

The first Live Cricket Chat url for the #IPL 2012 will be the match between Chennai Super Kings vs. Mumbai Indians - http://www.LiveCricketChat.com/go/16453

We'll be generating a live chat room for each and every IPL match over the next few weeks so invite your friends to come and join in the live chat.

Ask your friends to visit your personal profile at http://www.LiveCricketChat.com/Username

Post to both Facebook and Twitter feature
Did you know that you can post to both Facebooka and Twitter from directly within our Live Cricket Chat app?

Just post a "#Facebook" or "#Twitter" at the end of your message and your message will appear not only in the chat room but also in your linked Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Be the first to do this in a new chat and earn a badge. BTW think you are slick.....there is a shortcut version of this for the pros.

Invite your friends and have more fun
Feel free to click on the link below and forward it to your friends to get them involved in LiveCricketChat by forwarding our video below

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Olbermann booted from Current TV as well.


Wow first kicked out of MSNBC and now Current TV

Is the problem with Keith, his content, or the way that networks make money from advertisers versus the content commentatiors like Keith want to express.

Does anyone else feel there is an issue with the "many network" model i mean realistically the cable only networks just dont seem to be getting traction for Current/OWN etc that the NBC/CBS etc can the way they were projected to a few years ago.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Final 4

Final 4 is this Saturday the 31st of March.

Will you be watching the MarchManess Final 4? Come chat during the games at http://www.livecollegebasketballchat.com/

Louisville Vs Kentucky
Game time - 6.09pm est
Chat URL - http://www.LiveCollegeBasketballChat.com/go/16433

This matchup between the No .1 seeded Kentucky Wildcats and the No. 4 Louisville Cardinals could very well end up being an even better and more heated contest than the final championship game. From 1971 until now, Louisville has won two National Championships and been in eight Final Fours. Kentucky has won three National Championships and been in nine Final Fours.

Will be the game of the night if not the championship.

Ohio State Vs Kansas
Game time - 8.49pm est
Chat URL - http://www.LiveCollegeBasketballChat.com/go/16432

Buckeyes Vs Jayhawks is the second game of the night. Jared Sullinger did not play the first time the Buckeyes met up against the Jayhawks this season. Kansas won 78-67, but had Ohio State had Sullinger who knows what the outcome would have looked like.

The Buckeyes had a very clear an effective game plan against the Syracuse Orange: attack them inside.The Big Ten is a tough conference and its teams know how to win tough games. This will be the 14th Final Four appearance for Kansas.

Want to help us get the word out?
Please share this video with your friends to help us get the word out on Twitter and Facebook.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

The life of a startup

Great article, love the OMGPOP and the Pandora examples.


Determination is critical to success as overnight successes actually take years to build; indeed, “overnight successes” are a myth.

Especially seeing its a Saturday and I'm sitting here designing email templates.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Sweet 16

Now that the original 64 college basketball teams have whittled down to a mere 16, the NCAA 2012 March Madness is starting to heat up.

Are you logging in for tonights MarchMadness games at http://www.livecollegebasketballchat.com/ 

How many of your facebook friends are already on the site? Log in with your facebook account and invite them to join in the live chat with you.

Game of the round
Kansas Vs North Carolina State - Game time 10.17pm est Friday March 23

North Carolina State is fresh off upsetting the three-seeded Georgetown in the round of 32. They came back from a 10-point deficit at halftime to squeak by and win the game by just three points. And the N.C. State Wolf Pack might just have another upset victory in them.

Want to help us get the word out?
Please share this video with your friends to help us get the word out on Twitter and Facebook.

Friday, March 16, 2012


This Sunday we're back at Bristol "Nascars toughest short track".

The Live Nascar Chat url for the Bristol Sprint Cup on Sunday will be - http://www.LiveNascarChat.com/go/15803

Please pass it on via Twitter and Facebook and lets get some buzz for these races.
Better still ask them to add you to their buddylist at http://www.LiveNascarChat.com/Username so they can see when you log in.

Drivers to watch
Kyle Busch is the Bristol Master since the new progressive banking configuration changes in 2007 winning 4 of the past 6 races including last year.

However keep an eye out for Jimmie Johnson who needs to make up the ugly 25 point penalty. Johnson has been a contender here in the past winning 5 times including 2010.
Who else do you think is one to watch this weekend? Why not post your thoughts on our Facebook wall at www.Facebook.com/LiveNascarChat

Driving for a living....
Brian Vickers will race for the first time this season at Bristol Motor Speedway, and believes he's got nothing to lose and nothing to prove.

"I just want to go racing. Honestly, what's the worst that can happen? I'm not going to have a job?'' Vickers said Friday at Bristol. "For me, it's just go out there and have fun and just enjoy the experience. I've been through this a couple times now where I don't know if I'm going to race again".

I tell you it must be a tough way to make a living - i've been reading the personal facebook pages of a few up and coming drivers this week and they all seem to say raising the sponsorship money is the toughest part of the gig.

Live F1 Chat returns for season 2012

Its time to banish the kids from the living room this Sunday and get back into F1 racing.

Melbourne is such a great location to start off the F1 season though its a shame the start time for the race is Sunday the 18th at 5pm Melbourne local time which unfortunately means a 2am start time here on the east coast USA at http://www.livefanchat.com/ headquarters.

For those of you living in better time zones the Live F1 Chat url will be - http://www.LiveF1chat.com/go/16375

Please pass it on via Twitter and Facebook and lets get some buzz for the new season.

Better still ask them to add you to their buddylist at http://www.LiveF1chat.com/Username so they can see when you log in.

New rules new creativity
F1 has always been seen as the pinnacle of motor racing engineering with ideas and features filtering down to regular cars over the years eg. ABS etc. However this off season even i smiled at the incredible genius of F1 designers

..... teams nonetheless found another way of overcoming the lack of downforce in the rear, creating an equally ingenious system that blew exhaust gases out over the rear diffuser to create extra downforce.

The engines could blow fumes out from the exhaust pipe even when the driver was not putting his foot on the gas pedal — when, for example, the car was traveling through corners where the extra downforce was highly beneficial. The method included a computer-controlled system that programmed the engine to shoot out the exhaust at the desired moment.

This year, the blown diffuser has been banned, although teams are again fighting to find ways around the rule. “Teams will not unlearn the knowledge they have gained, and it is quite likely this area of regulation will need to be revisited again in 2013,” said Charlie Whiting, the F.I.A.’s technical chief.

Makes me wonder when we'll see active vacuum that was used on the Mclaren F1 filter down to regular chevy/bmw road cars.

The return of Räikkönen
Kimi Räikkönen is taking a leaf from Schumacher's book – a former champion (with Ferrari in 2007) returning after a sabbatical – and insists his motivation has always been strong, even if things haven't necessarily always looked that way. Will be interesting to see how competitive he is at Lotus.

Who else do you think is one to watch this season? Why not post your thoughts on our Facebook wall at www.Facebook.com/LiveF1chat

Friday, February 17, 2012

Ladies and Gentlemen Start Your Engines....

The Nascar 2012 season is starting this Saturday night the 18th of Feb, 8pm est. with the Budweiser Shootout from the Daytona International Speedway.

Our first chat of the season kicks off 30 mins before the green flag at http://www.LiveNascarChat.com/go/15797

Stats dont lie
Harvick has made seven previous starts in the Budweiser Shootout at Daytona. He raced his No. 29 Chevrolet to Victory Lane twice the last 3 years for the Budweiser Shootout (2009 and 2010), but how can he compare with Tony Stewart's 6 wins at Daytona

Which Fan Wall are you going to put your avatars reputation on this weekend;

Did you know you can get an email alert when a buddy of yours logs in to chat on any of the 14 http://www.livefanchat.com/http://www.LiveFanChat.com/sites sites?

Simply click any username and then "Add to Buddy List" - try it here http://www.livenascarchat.com/dean.collins

Next time i log in to chat you'll get an email alert about what site and what chatroom i've joined and you can swing by and say hi.
(Dont forget you earn points for each person you add to your buddy list).

King of the Site
Its a new year and a new season so King of the Site is up for grabs...however currently that title is held by http://www.LiveNascarChat.com/frstedwardsfan
Do you think you have what it takes to get onto the Live Nascar Chat leader board this weekend?

New Rules
What are your thoughts about the new radiator restrictions to prevent tandem racing - or at least make it a lot harder. Is this going to cause issues with overheating for other races as well? If you know your stuff and you've got something to say head over to our Facebook page at Facebook.com/LiveNascarChat 

Email Management
Hey man i like the LiveFanChat app...but I'm not into Nascar and you're killing my buzz with this email as i like to turn "Left" and "Right".

No problem, did you know you can choose which sports to receive messages from? Simply log in to LiveNascarChat.com, click "Account", then "My Messages", then "Select". This will allow you to customise which email messages for each of the 14 LiveFanChat sites you use. Or just click here :)

Speech bubbles cant be really considered IP....can they?

Lol the things people do for press. There is an article in TechCrunch today by the CEO of HipChat (basically a group chat/IM app) about how he's concerned that Apple are going to sure him because their logos of two speech bubbles is too similar to the Apple Messages app.


The best comment in the replies were "A speech bubble can hardly be considered IP".... - Alice Bradshaw

Monday, February 6, 2012


Watching CNBC talking about Zynga.

Only 5% of users actually spend money with Zynga BUT the ones that do spent on average $17 in the 3rd Qtr 2011.


This is worth thinking about eg rev models for bling accounts / or paid versus free functionality for LiveFanChat users.

What would you pay more money for on the www.LiveFanChat.com/sites ?

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Less than 1 day to go until Superbowl 46 !!

All season there have been some great games but its finally coming down to this.

In less than 24 hours we'll finally know who is the king of the NFL for Season 46.

So are you a Giants fan or a Patriots fan?

Join us 6pm eastern 30 minutes before kickoff at

(click the link above and it will show you the kickoff time in your local time zone)

King of the Site
Currently http://www.LiveFootballChat.com/NFLNewsAndNotes is king of the site but there is still 24 hours left in which his crown can be stolen.

You can earn points by inviting friends to join you in the live chat via Twitter and Facebook, posting comments, and earning badges.

Do you think you have what it takes to be King?

How come i'm getting this email?
Yep you are probably a baseball fan right and signed up for http://www.livebaseballchat.com/ - normally we only send sports messages out to the sport you signed up with but hey its the SuperBowl.....this will be a once only email and you'll only receive email alerts from the http://www.LiveFanChat.com site that you signed up with.

BTW did you know you can choose which sports to receive messages from? check out the side bar on the top right for details on how to configure your account ->

So who do the team at LiveFanChat.com support?
Yep we're NY based - who do you think :) "Go Big Blue !!!"

(click here to play the "Go Big Blue" anthem and share it with your friends on Facebook and Twitter).

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Superbowl XLVI

Its time for for Superbowl 46!!

After a great weekend of games (SF/Giants probably the game of the season) the final two teams have been decided.

On the 5th of December at 6.30pm the NY Giants v's Patriots
The Chat URL will be - http://www.LiveFootballChat.com/go/15593

As for who is going to win.....simple LiveFanChat is a NY based startup :)
Go Big Blue!!