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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Final Nascar race of the 2015 season

Final race of the season is the Ford EcoBoost 400 - starts at 3pm Sunday. Will you be there?
- http://www.LiveNascarChat.com/go/31076

Lol question is.....will anyone accidentally be taking one of these four "out" in next Sundays race.

Lets not forget who's back.....

Can Matt Kenseth really win the race on Sunday as an "UP YOU" to Brian France's ego (which I know I'm secretly hoping he does....) or will the desire to take out Logano potentially cause a much bigger upset in a field wide crash where Kevin Harvick, Jeff Gordon, Kyle Busch and Martin Truex Jr. are all taken out of the race
See you in the chat - please post the chat URL to your facebook page so we can get a ton of people in the final chat of the 2015 season.

Dean Collins


Sunday, November 15, 2015

NFL Sunday 15th of November

These are todays Live Fan Chats at www.LiveFootballChat.com
#31957 Lions at Packers starts at 13:00
#31964 Jaguars at Ravens starts at 13:00
#31963 Browns at Steelers starts at 13:00
#31962 Dolphins at Eagles starts at 13:00
#31961 Saints at Redskins starts at 13:00
#31960 Bears at Rams starts at 13:00
#31959 Panthers at Titans starts at 13:00
#31958 Cowboys at Buccaneers starts at 13:00
#31965 Vikings at Raiders starts at 16:05
#31966 Patriots at Giants starts at 16:25
#31967 Chiefs at Broncos starts at 16:25
#31968 Cardinals at Seahawks starts at 20:30

Epic Seahawks fan video
This is without doubt the most epic Seahawks fan video ever made :)

Ultimate troll move !!
Rex Ryan playing like a Boss :)

Fantasy Football player?
What a mess. Here is a pretty good breakdown of the NY Attorney generals case.

Dean Collins

Friday, November 6, 2015

www.LiveFootballChat.com live fan chats for November the 8th

Hi All,

Here are this Sundays Live Fan Chats at www.LiveFootballChat.com

#31944 Packers at Panthers starts 1:00 PM ET
#31950 Raiders at Steelers starts at 1:00 PM ET
#31949 Jaguars at Jets starts at 1:00 PM ET
#31948 Rams at Vikings starts at 1:00 PM ET
#31947 Dolphins at Bills starts at 1:00 PM ET
#31946 Titans at Saints starts at 1:00 PM ET
#31945 Redskins at Patriots starts at 1:00 PM ET
#31951 Giants at Buccaneers starts at 4:05 PM ET
#31952 Falcons at 49ers starts at 4:05 PM ET
#31953 Broncos at Colts starts at 4:25 PM ET
#31954 Eagles at Cowboys starts at 8:30 PM ET


Kevin Huber goes down for the count
Some pretty upset Bengals‬ fans over at www.LiveFootballChat.com/fan/Bengals -

Tough criticism for the Colts
Where are you www.LiveFootballChat.com/fan/Colts fans?

How about showing some home team love to break this funk!! - https://www.facebook.com/LiveFootballChat/posts/10153449715129221

49ers fans start discussing...
2016 draft picks :(

What a mess. Lets face it there are some teams having a shocking season....and then there are 49ers.

Not only is Kap up for sale with no bidders (so far anyway) but Reggie is out for the season - https://www.facebook.com/LiveFootballChat/posts/10153443606559221

The only good news is that Hayne has turned out to be a standup guy and didn't tell the 49ers to stick it after being fired on Friday....and then accepting their offer to re-sign him on Monday.
Don't fret www.LiveFootballChat.com/fan/49ers fans.....plenty of room for you on the www.LiveFootballChat.com/fan/Raiders bandwagon :)

Dean Collins

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Nascar Live Fan Chats for 6/7/8th of November

Hi All,

Here are this weekends Live Fan Chats for http://www.LiveNascarChat.com

#31087 WinStar World Casino & Resort 350
starts at Fri 8:30 PM ET

#31057 O'Reilly Auto Parts Challenge
starts at Sat 3:30 PM ET

#31074 AAA Texas 500
starts at Sun 2:00 PM ET

Seven grid slots still up for grabs
Jeff Gordon has a guaranteed slot with last weeks race but there are seven more slots open....see the breakdown here

Nascar drivers respond to Kenseth suspension on Twitter
Well I guess we cant complain the end of the season has been boring :)

I think this post sums up the event the best.....

See you this weekend in the races.

Dean Collins
Co-Founder Live Fan Chat