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Friday, August 5, 2016

Live Fan Chat for Rio 2016 Olympics

Come join in the Live Fan Chat for Rio2016 at www.LiveOlympicChat.com

Hi All,
We've fired up www.LiveOlympicChat.com so you can chat live with your facebook friends while watching Olympic events over the next two weeks

Opening Ceremony
The opening ceremony is 7.30pm et (1 hour from now) so feel free to post the url
out to Twiitter and Facebook and lets make this a global event.

Global time zone problems
So one of the reasons we werent going to do an olympic chat site was the issue of global time zones. Yes most countries are going to show the Opening Ceremony live....but then what.
So we need some advice from you.
How do you want us to setup the chats? 1.A single live chat room for each days events
2.Do you want a chat room for each of the 36 different events as classified by the Olympic Schedule
3.Chat rooms base on countries (eg Australian fans chatting with Australian fans and USA fans chatting with USA fans).
4.A mixture of all?

So we are going to let you decide - post to our Facebook wall at www.Facebook.com/LiveOlympicChat  and let us know what you want to see.You the fan are in control of this experiment. We'll set it up which ever way you the fans want. Just click here with your suggestions, or if you prefer to email then reach us at info@LiveFanChat.com

Inviting Friends to join you for the Opening Ceremony
The easiest way to get your friends involved is through our address book tool, click here to send out emails to friends in your gmail/yahoo online address books http://www.LiveOlympicChat.com/lomp/friendinvite.do?refer=MC

Uhm whats my password again?
Yeh i know for some of you its been a while since you've logged in, if you've forgotten what your password is but still want to join in the fun then click here to reset it.

Dont forget every user has a personal url yours is www.LiveOlympicChat.com/Username  so feel free to post it to your facebook wall/tweet it and see how many badges you have compared to your friends for this the 2016 Rio Olympics.

See you in the chat rooms,