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Friday, March 16, 2012

Live F1 Chat returns for season 2012

Its time to banish the kids from the living room this Sunday and get back into F1 racing.

Melbourne is such a great location to start off the F1 season though its a shame the start time for the race is Sunday the 18th at 5pm Melbourne local time which unfortunately means a 2am start time here on the east coast USA at http://www.livefanchat.com/ headquarters.

For those of you living in better time zones the Live F1 Chat url will be - http://www.LiveF1chat.com/go/16375

Please pass it on via Twitter and Facebook and lets get some buzz for the new season.

Better still ask them to add you to their buddylist at http://www.LiveF1chat.com/Username so they can see when you log in.

New rules new creativity
F1 has always been seen as the pinnacle of motor racing engineering with ideas and features filtering down to regular cars over the years eg. ABS etc. However this off season even i smiled at the incredible genius of F1 designers

..... teams nonetheless found another way of overcoming the lack of downforce in the rear, creating an equally ingenious system that blew exhaust gases out over the rear diffuser to create extra downforce.

The engines could blow fumes out from the exhaust pipe even when the driver was not putting his foot on the gas pedal — when, for example, the car was traveling through corners where the extra downforce was highly beneficial. The method included a computer-controlled system that programmed the engine to shoot out the exhaust at the desired moment.

This year, the blown diffuser has been banned, although teams are again fighting to find ways around the rule. “Teams will not unlearn the knowledge they have gained, and it is quite likely this area of regulation will need to be revisited again in 2013,” said Charlie Whiting, the F.I.A.’s technical chief.

Makes me wonder when we'll see active vacuum that was used on the Mclaren F1 filter down to regular chevy/bmw road cars.

The return of Räikkönen
Kimi Räikkönen is taking a leaf from Schumacher's book – a former champion (with Ferrari in 2007) returning after a sabbatical – and insists his motivation has always been strong, even if things haven't necessarily always looked that way. Will be interesting to see how competitive he is at Lotus.

Who else do you think is one to watch this season? Why not post your thoughts on our Facebook wall at www.Facebook.com/LiveF1chat

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