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Friday, December 23, 2011

NBA is back baby!!

The NBA is back baby, and short season or not the fans are ready to go.
Set your calendars and invite your friends to come join you for the first Live Basketball Chat of the season this christmas day, Santa has 5 extra goodies for you.

Celtics vs. Knicks starts at Sun Dec 25 12:00

- http://www.LiveBasketballChat.com/go/14408
Heat vs. Mavericks starts at Sun Dec 25 14:30

- http://www.LiveBasketballChat.com/go/14410
Bulls vs. Lakers starts at Sun Dec 25 17:00

- http://www.LiveBasketballChat.com/go/14412
Magic vs. Thunder starts at Sun Dec 25 20:00

- http://www.LiveBasketballChat.com/go/14409
Clippers vs. Warriors starts at Sun Dec 25 22:30

Which game are you looking forward to most?
Post your thoughts with other fans at http://www.Facebook.com/LiveBasketballChat

Fan Poll
Do you think the lockout has affected fans in the long run?

•Nope - NBA fans will flock back
•Yes - NBA fans know how to hold a grudge
•Not Sure - how many Krispy Kremes did LeBron eat in the off season

Vote now - http://www.facebook.com/questions/328189387209810

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