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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Peggy grows up and buys an apartment

Lots of discussions about Mad Men and New York's favorite past time...real estate property from last nights show where Peggy was looking to purchase an UES 2br apt on 88th ...near the river but with balcony.....for the princely sum of $28,000

lol you could hear all of New York laugh when the broker mentioned about how much of a steal it would be when the 2nd avenue subway was completed (still under construction now in 2013....)

It did bring up some interesting points

Cost Of Living 1968 to Now.
Yearly Inflation Rate USA 4.27%

Depending on costs of renovations etc  here is a quick comp at $1.6m though its a fair bit nicer than what we saw in the episode
- http://streeteasy.com/nyc/sale/841887-condo-455-east-86th-street-yorkville-new-york

This is a closer example features/fixtures wise and is $749,000
- http://streeteasy.com/nyc/sale/853429-coop-301-east-87th-street-yorkville-new-york

So for the quick calculation check out the tables below, basically based on comps it looks like apartment prices doubled every 11 years.

Or look for your own comps here;

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