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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Cord cutting or cord shaving....or just much ado about nothing

For all the talk about "Cord Cutting" and or "Cord Shaving" (where people cut down their cable tv bill to the basics but enhance it with a Netflix subscription or similar) this report clearly shows that its much ado about nothing.


In the last year pay-tv subscribers dropped less than 80,000 subscribers (heck I've seen more articles about Cord Cutting than that......).

For the year, cable operators were down a whopping 1.56 million subs, BUT telcos gained 1.3 million and satellite picked up 160,000.
In other words, yes some people dropped cable but they moved to U-Verse and Fios.

So in other words with 94m pay tv subscribers in the USA dropping at a rate of 80,000 a year and allowing for no more new people to be born or no more immigration......I'll be the last TimeWarner subscriber in 1,175 years.

We should all be so lucky.


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