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Saturday, September 21, 2013

2013 Singapore F1 less than 24 hours away

My favorite F1 race of the year is less than 24 hours away.

Singapore under lights is such a special and different race. Ever since 2008 I've loved how racing under lights just adds that extra razzmatazz.

Sunday 8pm Singapore time should still be relatively warm with an expected high temperature of 32c (90f) during the day to 28c (82f) at race time.

For those of you logging in to chat the Live F1 Chat url will be - http://www.LiveF1chat.com/go/20042  

Please pass it on via Twitter and Facebook and lets get some buzz for the new season.

Better still ask them to add you to their buddylist at http://www.LiveF1chat.com/Username so they can see when you log in.

Time for a smaller field?

So can we talk about Force India......? Should F1 have a "two tier" racing format where the secondary teams are allowed to prove their mettle and have the tier 1 engineering teams Ferrari/McLaren/Red Bull have an unhindered race with a smaller field? 

F1 have been talking for years about cutting costs and placing other testing restrictions on teams with the hope of "bunching them up" but basically as fast as the smaller teams catch up the bigger teams are still 1 or 2 generational cycles ahead.

F1 has always been seen as the pinnacle of motor racing engineering with new features filtering down but for some reason nothing has come out of the smaller teams to leapfrog the big brand dollars.

Looking forward to seeing you at race time.


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