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Thursday, September 11, 2014


This Sunday from 1pm et The Chase Is On!

Lets start first with http://www.LiveNascarChat.com/go/25987 this will be the Live Fan Chat url for the Chicagoland Sprint Cup starting from 1pm.

Please pass it on via Twitter and Facebook and lets get some buzz for these last few races.

Now lets get to the harder part.....what the heck is "TheChase" and how will it work.....

Its real simple folks.......
In the past The Chase Winner was which driver managed to score the most points over the final 10 races instead the Chase now will be broken into four rounds each with eliminations and a winner-take-all finale at Homestead-Miami Speedway between the last four drivers.
Four drivers will be eliminated after each of the first three-race rounds.

Keep in mind if a driver wins a race for this segment, that driver automatically qualifies for the next round, even if he is among the four worst in points.

Points will be reset again after each round so all drivers enter the next round on equal footing.
The first round will be the Challenger Round, with 12 drivers advancing and four being eliminated after races at Chicagoland, New Hampshire and Dover.

The next round is the Contenders Round, with eight drivers advancing and four more being eliminated after races at Kansas, Charlotte and Talladega.

The third round will be the Elimination Round, with the final four drivers advancing to the season finale and four more being eliminated after races at Martinsville, Texas and Phoenix.

The drivers eliminated in each round will continue to race for points but can finish no higher than fifth in the final standings.
The season finale will feature the top four drivers battling for the championship in a winner-take-all event that should make the season finale at Homestead-Miami Speedway must-see TV for race fans, if nothing else. The driver who finishes highest in the final race will win the Sprint Cup championship.

Got it? If not check out  http://bit.ly/TheChaseIsOn and pass it on to your friends. (they are just as confused as you are).

Now here is where I think Nascar made a mistake....the drivers are eliminated from #TheChase but not eliminated from driving in the next rounds (apart from the final Homestead).

Is it just me or do other people think it would have been a more interesting format if the drivers where actually eliminated from driving in the next race...every round less and less cars.

Sounds way coolers than just "uhm you're eliminated....but see you next Sunday".....



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