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Friday, November 21, 2014

facebook really winding down who can see posts......but now added "Post targetting"

I know we’ve all heard that Facebook are really tightening up how many people see your posts…..but saw something really interesting today when posting to www.Facebook.com/LiveFootballChat.com ,you now have the ability to “target” who’s feed your posts get sent to.


They have shitty targeting criteria (eg should have visited in last 7/30/90 days or Liked 5+/20+50+ posts etc)



I’m assuming you are meant to be using this targeting in order to increase “post interaction” to drive up your ratio (I don’t see it working though…...)

Basically I hold little hope of Facebook bringing users to the various www.LiveFanChat.com/sites , will still post content there...but realistically direct email is the best channel to work with these days....taking out bat and ball and going home :)


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