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Sunday, November 15, 2015

NFL Sunday 15th of November

These are todays Live Fan Chats at www.LiveFootballChat.com
#31957 Lions at Packers starts at 13:00
#31964 Jaguars at Ravens starts at 13:00
#31963 Browns at Steelers starts at 13:00
#31962 Dolphins at Eagles starts at 13:00
#31961 Saints at Redskins starts at 13:00
#31960 Bears at Rams starts at 13:00
#31959 Panthers at Titans starts at 13:00
#31958 Cowboys at Buccaneers starts at 13:00
#31965 Vikings at Raiders starts at 16:05
#31966 Patriots at Giants starts at 16:25
#31967 Chiefs at Broncos starts at 16:25
#31968 Cardinals at Seahawks starts at 20:30

Epic Seahawks fan video
This is without doubt the most epic Seahawks fan video ever made :)

Ultimate troll move !!
Rex Ryan playing like a Boss :)

Fantasy Football player?
What a mess. Here is a pretty good breakdown of the NY Attorney generals case.

Dean Collins

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