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Sunday, February 19, 2017

The #SwedishIncident on - http://www.LivePoliticalChat.com

Did you hear about the incident in Sweden last night??
Then of course came the liberal response

But you have have to love the Swedish response :) from Lisa Förare Winbladh
@SteveKopack Only thing that springs to my mind is that our Syrian live-in maid might have put some cups in the wrong cupboard. #swedishincident

Then the social media response :) from @SparksRich
@foraretaffel @doctorjasun The whole world is with you. This sort of random misplacement must not go unaddressed!

Then the GoFundMe campaign to the rescuse :) from @jr_houser
@mara__iara @foraretaffel @doctorjasun I think there's a GoFundMe to help the victims of the Sweden misplacement.

And this folks is why you have to love the internet
......well that and cause Swedish Muppet Cooks rock :)

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