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Thursday, April 5, 2012

IPL Cricket is back for 2012

The first Live Cricket Chat url for the #IPL 2012 will be the match between Chennai Super Kings vs. Mumbai Indians - http://www.LiveCricketChat.com/go/16453

We'll be generating a live chat room for each and every IPL match over the next few weeks so invite your friends to come and join in the live chat.

Ask your friends to visit your personal profile at http://www.LiveCricketChat.com/Username

Post to both Facebook and Twitter feature
Did you know that you can post to both Facebooka and Twitter from directly within our Live Cricket Chat app?

Just post a "#Facebook" or "#Twitter" at the end of your message and your message will appear not only in the chat room but also in your linked Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Be the first to do this in a new chat and earn a badge. BTW think you are slick.....there is a shortcut version of this for the pros.

Invite your friends and have more fun
Feel free to click on the link below and forward it to your friends to get them involved in LiveCricketChat by forwarding our video below

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