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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Facebook are now restricting feeds

LiveFanChat have probably spent about $60 on testing Facebook ads over the last 2 years so we aren’t the target audience/company for the new Facebook promote feature (as we are cheap skates and don’t spend much on advertising - probably spent about $50 on google ads in 2 years) but the issue I see here is that Facebook are now moderating what you as an end user sees, eg I peronally probably only get to see about 50 posts a day these days even though I log into Facebook regularly.

Basically Facebook are "restricting" what I see as an end user and this is breaking the original Facebook model that I get to choose what I see and don’t see. I don’t think most users have worked this out yet...but when they do there will be a revolt against Facebook.

The good feature that Facebook introduced is we now have super accurate analytics on who is seeing posts. As such I can determine is it worth my time to post updates about Celtics vs Heat game tonight - http://www.facebook.com/LiveBasketballChat/posts/378102848906321 because it accurately shows me how many people have seen this post 30 mins after posting (and seems to update hourly thereafter).

What this as a developer tells me is unless Facebook quit freaking around with feeds....as a content provider we'll start moving to email, sms, or similar if we cant control interaction with our end users.

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