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Monday, June 11, 2012

Thunder vs Heat ...bringing it for 2012 NBA finals

So many teams came close, it could have easily been Celtics or Spurs in the finals but at the end of the day the teams that are here are the ones that dug deep and pulled out clutch plays when it counted.

I'm not even going to try and predict who the winner of this matchup is apart from over the next week we are going to see some of the best basketball in 2012.

Each team have an obvious power player in Lebron and Durant, but its the "other" superstars like Bosh and how well they can effectively pull defenders away from the zone that will determine attacking success.

With the Heat being in back to back finals you might tip the scales to them....but i wouldn't.

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Game 1
Heat Vs Thunder starts at Tue Jun 12th at 9pm edt

Game 2
Heat Vs Thunder starts at Thu Jun 14th at 9pm edt

Game 3
Thunder Vs Heat starts at Sun Jun 17th at 9pm edt

Game 4
Thunder Vs Heat starts at Tue Jun 19th at 9pm edt

Game 5
Thunder Vs Miami starts at Thu Jun 21st at 9pm edt

Game 6
Miami Vs Thunder starts at Sun Jun 24th at 8pm edt

Game 7
Miami Vs Thunder starts at Tue Jun 26th at 9pm edt

Choose your side LiveBasketballChat.com/fan/Heat or LiveBasketballChat.com/fan/Thunder and good luck to you all.


Dean Collins

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