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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Yossi Vardi being honest

Yossi Vardi – the grandfather of the Israeli tech scene and guest speaker at Campus Party on Thursday – while in Israel. Vardi has invested in over 80 high-tech companies and his Midas touch has seen many of his investments sell to global businesses in multi-million deals – including ICQ (sold to AOL), Brightcove, TheGiftsProject (sold to eBay), and FoxyTunes (sold to Yahoo). He has acted as an advisor to the World Bank and the UN. He also tells a mean joke. Here are some of his nuggets of wisdom for anyone starting up in the tech scene.

Classic behind the scenes look at how "winning investments" are made. The real question i have is are any USA based VC firms really doing it any differently? Sure you can draw up your charts and your theories but isnt it all just darts at the end of the day?

Dean Collins
Founder – Live Fan Chat


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