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Friday, July 4, 2014

4 hours until the final 4

Its only 4 hours to go until the quarter final matches.

In just a few short hours two of the best World Cup matches will kick off at Saturday 12 midday local time between France vs Germany for the first quarter final match in the eternal and continuing saga of "which European country rules supreme"  (...just don't mention the war).

And at 4pm local Brazil vs Colombia determine who rules supreme in South America, there is no need to explain how serious this match will be with the weight of the home nation resting on Brazil's shoulders and lets face it as it is 20 years ago this week since Andres Escobar was shot to death in Colombia for scoring an own goal.....so Colombia have got something to play for as well.

If you are watching the game live be sure to invite your friends to join you in the Live Fan Chat at http://www.LiveWorldCupChat.com/go/25228 12pm local
http://www.LiveWorldCupChat.com/go/25229 4pm local

Remember there are no draws this weekend, you either win and score the girls or you lose and pack your bags and go home to your multimillion dollar club contracts.

American Soccer Fans...

Great Vine of the average American soccer fan below
- https://vine.co/v/MFl7zTQZ2hm

Don't worry USA fans its only 47 months... 13days... 15hours until the USA win the World Cup! in #Russia2018

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